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Who is Robert(o) Carlos Alfaro?

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Robert was born in Torrance, CA, and raised in North Hollywood, CA. At the age of 12, Robert moved to Phoenix, AZ where he resided until the age of 35, then he moved to Modesto, CA. There he began to observe agriculture, and farming. Furthermore he began to learn about viticulture, wines, and enjoyed being around Sierra Nevadas. He visited wine regions near Sacramento and frequented towns such as Copperopolis, Murphys, and Oakhurst.

In 2018, Robert moved to Loma Lima, CA, to be closer to family. There he was introduced to a Whiskey called "RedBreast." Two weeks later, he was on a plane to Ireland's Middleton Distillery, producer of RedBreast and other great Irish whiskeys such as Green Spot, Paddys, and others. Once Robert returned from Ireland, he began learning about brewing, wine making, and distilling. Robert was involved in a project supporting San Giorgio of Cucamonga winery with process improvement and layout redesign for process optimization.

In 2022, Robert purchased an acre of land in Hesperia, CA, where AVO (Alfaro Vineyards and Orchards) will be operating. AVO is an small rural residential farm in Hesperia, CA that holds wine grapes such as various Moscatos, Temparnillo, various Mourvedres (Mataro, Monastrell), Grenache (Garnacha), Carignan, and Graciano vineyards, apple trees (Muscat de Bernay, Muscat de Venus, Wickson, and Winesap) orchards, stone fruit trees (Cherry, Plums, Plumcot, Apricot, Peach, Nectarines, Nectaplum), and Almond trees. These fruits will be used for wine, cider, dried fruit, and whole fruit for sale.

Robert is also Assistant Wine Maker and supports cellar operations at Sycamore Ranch Vineyards (SRV) in Crestline, CA. Robert is learning about viticulture, orchard management, ciders, and wine operations under Richard Krumweide. As much as SRV has been influential to Robert, he hopes to AVO to SRV.

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